In Roboworld, players begin by registering and receiving a starter deck of 30 common cards. With the guidance of Lucy, the game's NPC, players can explore the game's story mode and complete tutorial battles to learn the ropes. As they progress, players can build their own card decks from thousands of available cards to increase their chances of victory.
To battle, players can either engage in player versus environment (PvE) battles as they explore the game's story, or participate in player versus player (PvP) matches in the chaos world. Upon entering a battle, players will deploy their selected card deck and draw their first five cards with the help of Lucy.
During each turn, players can summon their robots onto the battlefield using their remaining mana and trigger any applicable abilities. Summoned robots will enter a stand-by phase and be able to attack on the following turn until they are defeated. The goal of the game is to use a variety of robots and tech-experts to defeat your opponent's robots and reduce their life points (LP) to zero. May the best commander emerge victorious!