We believe that the increasing value of NFTs and the volatility of the GameFi market present an opportunity to create a new generation of classic games powered by NFT technology. That's why we created Roboworld, a game that combines the thrill of collectible card games with the immersive and interactive experience of AR technology.
In Roboworld, players can collect, trade, and battle with their favorite robots using their smartphones or tablets, and watch as their NFT cards come to life in the real world. But that's just the beginning - we've also incorporated AI-powered interactive NFTs, story-based characters, and the intersection of physical and virtual cards to bring a whole new level of excitement and value to our players.
Our goal with Roboworld is to bridge the gap between traditional games and GameFi, and to bring users an unparalleled level of experience in owning and interacting with NFTs. We hope that our unique and exclusive NFT collectibles will not only be a source of entertainment, but also a valuable and long-lasting investment.